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It was in the seventeenth century through a newspaper named as William Lily is credited with...

Twelve Sun Signs

Twelve Sun Signs

This universe comprises of twelve sun signs and through which the entire sky has been divided....

Sun Signs

There are millions of people who love to read the daily magazines and newspapers for checking their Sun signs symbols. Moreover, this is an astrological system which would make the entire forecast depending on the sun’s position. Certainly, it would be taking into account the positions of zodiac signs. Any individual who is born in a particular month would get its specific star sign or Sun signs. There are numerous astrologers that would take into account the present twelve movements of planets and they also make use of simple conventional rules through which they can decipher the divine meanings of each and every sun sign in an effective way. Moon is one of the fastest heavenly bodies and it also indicated all the situations that would take place in future. This is one of the main reasons that astrology has given it a special place and similar is through scientific community as well.


People are recommended that they should go through their Latin zodiac names through which they can get to know their specific names along with their translation as well. This is one of the effectual ways through which you can get to know regarding the various elements and their quality as well. There is a zodiac name table that would give the complete information regarding each and every sign. However, it is difficult to find out the precise time and date of exit and entrance and therefore you can make use of the software and make the most out of it.

Symbol Sign names Individuals
Element Quality
Polarity Associated
Celestial Body
period of
Sun sign
1/2 days
Capricorn.svg Capricorn Capricorn The Goat Earth Cardinal Negative Saturn December

January 20
Aquarius.svg Aquarius Aquarian The Water-Bearer Air Fixed Positive Uranus January 20

February 18
Pisces.svg Pisces Piscean The Fish Water Mutable Negative Neptune February 19

March 20
Aries.svg Aries Arian/Arien The Ram Fire Cardinal Positive Mars March 21

April 19
Taurus.svg Taurus Taurean The Bull Earth Fixed Negative Venus April 20
May 20
Gemini.svg Gemini Geminian The Twins Air Mutable Positive Mercury May 21

June 20
Cancer.svg Cancer Cancerian The Crab Water Cardinal Negative Moon June 21

July 22
Leo.svg Leo Leo The Lion Fire Fixed Positive Sun July 23

August 22
Virgo.svg Virgo Virgo The Maiden Earth Mutable Negative Mercury August 23 –
September 22
Libra.svg Libra Libran The Scales Air Cardinal Positive Venus September 23

October 22
Scorpio.svg Scorpio Scorpio The Scorpion Water Fixed Negative Pluto October 23

November 21